Fee Information: Healing & Coaching Sessions, Classes

Energy healing combined with happiness coaching can be a powerful life enhancing and transformative  experience to help you live your best life.

Energy Healing Sessions

Please Note:  Due to the pandemic, currently all sessions are done remotely by Zoom, FaceTime, or phone.  You will still receive the high level of care you would if you were in my healing center, perhaps even more so.

The average length of an Energy Medicine healing session is approximately one hour, however, many people enjoy the deeper experience of a 90 minute session.  Shamanic journey and soul retrieval work can take up to 2 hours.

Much like other forms of treatment, several energetic healing sessions may be needed to address persistent and chronic conditions.  I offer multi-session bonuses – after 5 you receive one complimentary (not applicable to 6 month coaching programs).

24 hours notice of cancellation. $50 late cancellation fee.
Payment required at time of service. Debit and credit cards accepted (Square, PayPal, & Venmo)

Individual Sessions: Remote Session:   clears, balances and restores energetic pathways, leaving you feeling lighter in heart and spirit.

Remote Session: 60 min – $75   /   90 min – $100     Soul Massage:  30 min – $40

**Reduced rates available for children under 18, Senior Citizens 65+ and those on fixed incomes. I’m also happy to barter for services you provide, no livestock please.)

In-Person Session:  60 min – $90   /   90 min – $150    (currently unavailable)

Couples Sessions: $150 for 90 minute session

Clear the air between you and release emotional wounds and scars from past and current relationship experiences that are still impacting an ability to be a fully present, trusting, loving, and communicative partner. See information below on Happiness Coaching for additional details.

Individual Happiness Coaching – 90 min sessions are $125

Manifest a unified body, mind, heart and soul through authentic self discovery, release false beliefs about yourself & shed outworn identities you’ve lived inside of through energetic healing, explore myriads of possibility and learn how to make better lifestyle choices, and manifest YOU living your BEST LIFE!

Contact me to learn more my program to help you with your journey towards healing, wholeness and wellbeing.  10% discount with a 6 month commitment for weekly sessions.

Couples Happiness Coaching – 90 min sessions – $175 or $95 per hr

I offer couples an alternative to “marriage counseling” that is non-religious, practical, and straightforward. My program is designed to help you cultivate communication skills and create or rebuild a strong foundation for your relationship that will bring you a lifetime of happiness. Together we will design a program to meet your specific needs.

Usui/Holy Fire® Online Reiki Classes:

Reiki Level I : $250
Reiki Level II : $250
Reiki Master Teacher : $975

I use a combination of course materials in all my classes. Textbooks are provided by the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). You can register for each class by clicking on its link.  Link will be active when classes are scheduled.

Schedule Appointment
If unable to find a convenient time, or for more information, please contact me by phone at 540-550-2904 or email to sacredcelebation@gmail.com

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Disclaimer: Energetic healing does not replace traditional medical care, yet is indeed complimentary to your doctor’s treatment plan, providing relaxation and stress reduction that allows your body’s own healing abilities to become more effective.

Reiki is recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health as a complementary alternative medicine, and is offered as a complementary and integrative healing modality in many of the best hospitals in the U.S.