The Ancient Art of Rune Casting – The Runes Redrawn

Discover your inner oracle through the ancient practice of Rune Casting. My beloved, John, and I have worked with the Runes as an instrument of self-discovery and spiritual growth for nearly 30 years, and through our study and practice have infused new energy into the Ancient Oracle Runes of the Norse tradition. Through our collaborative efforts in writing and self-publishing the 3rd Edition of our book, The Runes Redrawn, we are bringing the healing power and guidance of the Runes to those who would know their own inner wisdom.

Runes are an ancient Nordic and Scandinavian alphabetical script, predating the New Testament. They are similar in function to the Tarot and I Ching … Each letter has a spiritually meaningful name and signifying sound. They never really developed as a spoken language, rather they were often used for poetry, inscriptions, and divination, touching every aspect of life – from the most sacred to the most practical. There were Runes and spells to influence the weather, the tides, crops, love, healing, fertility, cursing and removing curses, birth and death. They were carved on pebbles, amulets, drinking cups, battle spears, over doorways, and onto prows of Viking ships. The practitioners of ‘runemal’ would shake their pouch of rune inscribed pebbles and scatter them on the ground; those falling face up would be interpreted – with special attention paid to groupings and relational spacing.
For us, the Runes serve as spiritual guidance, an oracle for our Spiritual Warrior selves, to conquer the “small self” of the ego and the purpose of self-change, in service to the Highest Good within us, and for all our relations.

When we use the term contemporary oracle – we bring new energy to the ancient Oracle of Runes – to their meaning and usage that is in resonance with our time, the modern era, and living in a world that is vastly different with each passing day.

Have you heard of the Oracle at Delphi? Dating back to 1400 BC, the Oracle of Delphi, located in the Temple of Apollo, was the most important shrine in all of Greece, it was where the people would go to receive guidance and seek counsel. Carved within the temples are the Delphic Maxims – a set of 147 aphorisms (similar to the 10 commandments) – two of the most well known are:
1. All things in moderation.
2. Know thy Self, and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the Universe.
It is this 2nd one that the Runes speak to the most.

The Runes, as an Oracle, are a wise and reverent teacher than can help us learn about and know ourselves deeply. However, they can also be approached in a playful manner, as we are all children and can learn through the freedom that effortless play and childlike curiosity provide. From this perspective, each of us is an Oracle. Consulting the Runes will connect you with your own inner guidance, with the part of you that knows everything you need to know for this life. Consulting the Runes as an Oracle of The Highest You places you in the present moment, (which the only time in which true change can take place); it enables you to bypass the confines of reason, conditioning, and momentum of outworn habits and behaviors. An interaction with the Runes serves to makes us malleable, vulnerable, and open to truth and change. The more you work with them, the faster the lessons come and your soul will grow. It takes radical trust and departure of old ways to take the leap of faith that is often required – The Runes will help you connect with and learn to trust your Inner guidance.

In this workshop, you will receive teaching and guidance in connecting with the oracle of the Higher Self and the divine wisdom inherent in each one of us. As part of this process, you will choose, intuit and make your own set of Runes from your choice of stones, seashells or a variety of sacred woods.

Class Date:  April 15, 2023 1:00pm – 4:30pm
includes our book, a set of runes and linen bag.

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3rd Edition February 2023