Healing Arts

There is a spiritual energy that flows through and animates all living things – this vital life energy is connected directly to and directly informs our health and well-being. Passed down through the centuries, this ancient wisdom has been shared in many cultures since the beginning of time. The existence of this “life force energy” has been verified by scientific experiments, and medical doctors are more accepting of the role it plays in the functioning of the human body, mind, heart and the overall healing process.

Healing is not about feeling better, it’s about being whole. Feeling better is about staying comfortable and often healing is deeply uncomfortable. Because being human can be deeply uncomfortable. “Being healed’ does not mean becoming less human. It means becoming more whole, more authentic. Healing is a journey of constant emerging into who you most truly are, accepting and loving every aspect of your being.

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a wonderful initiation into the art & science of energy healing. Reiki is the energy of universal Love, it is Love in all its forms. Reiki helps us understand the relationship between our energy body and our physical body, works to correct all forms of imbalances that cause disease and discomfort through the process of relaxation, stress reduction and pain release – all of which help the body heal. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique that provides a relaxing, safe, effective tool for stress reduction and pain management. Restorative energy is guided to the recipient to awaken the body’s innate healing abilities, restoring balance and harmony within the body’s energetic pathways.  

Though, in reality, Reiki is so much more than this. It is gentle, powerful, and can do no harm. One must experience it to truly understand what it is to receive a massage for the Soul.

More about Reiki

Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM)

Integrative Energetic Medicine is more clinical in nature and addresses imbalances within the body.  Every organ and system has a very specific energetic pattern and flow. When working optimally, they function well and we feel great!  When the pattern of flow is disrupted, then disease and discomfort set in. The practitioner assesses the energetic system of the recipient and facilitates movement of the energetic field to address areas that may be related to unhealthy conditions, pain, trauma, and other causes of distress.  IEM unwinds and releases pain & tension held in all parts of the body – muscles, organs, emotional and mental stressors, and in so doing, IEM restores vitality, good humor, well-being, and brings clarity to thought and vision. More …


Kamaqen Spiritual Healing utilizes an ancient energy known to the Incans as Kamasqa – the primordial energy of creation.   They see it as the vital healing force of the primordial and cosmic light within each of us. Kamaqen(pronounced Kah-mah-ken) is a Qechua term for the life-giving primordial energies that weave harmony into the fabric of our inner feminine (water) and masculine (fire). This stand alone healing program touches on the cosmic principles  of true spiritual healing addressing all soul levels of it’s human and divine existence. This form of deep spiritual healing is said to have the ability to assist a person in changing generational and karmic patterns or mindsets, releases and heals self-sabotaging behaviors as it “resets and rebuilds” unhealthy energetic patterns, heals ancestral patterns and connections carried down through the generations.

Shamanic Journey / Soul Retrieval

The word shaman, originating from the Tungus Tribe of Siberia, means “one who sees in the dark.

In our modern lives, we have really forgotten what it is to be connected. Ancient people were in constant communion, balance and reciprocity with nature, with each other and most importantly with themselves. They knew who they were, they knew where they came from, they knew how to thrive and they knew the power and importance of community and coming together in ceremony and celebration so that they could collectively heal, connect and call in a new way. More …

Brenda Berry’s Apothecary

I’m consider myself an Intuitive Herbalist – a well educated and experienced herbalist who blend her innate inner knowing with science, experience and learned knowledge. In my 30+ years of study and using herbal and energy medicine I’ve utilized herbal medicine in my everyday living. I’ve come to realize that herbs and plants have other energies cooling/drying/warming/moistening/stimulating/calming and so forth. They also possess emotional, spiritual, and mental vibrations too, and these are that inform and impact the overall wellness and vitality of our energetic body. To learn more …

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