Happiness Coaching

There comes a time in where we find ourselves in need of a new form of fulfillment. Let’s face it, life changes unexpectedly, our children grow up and move on, our relationships become stagnant, our bodies change, our jobs are a burden, the roles that have been our identity no longer serve us, and we yearn for something more, different … often undefinable or unexplainable. To become unified in body, mind, heart and soul is the answer. I’ve been where you are and understand what it feels like to be dissatisfied with life, lonely, lost and forgotten who I am, what I really need, and how to get it back. It is a scary place to be, to be sure.

I’ve found that through authentic self discovery, better nutritional and lifestyle choices, and the amazing benefits of integrative energy healing an enhanced sense of who I am, and the pure happiness and delight of remembering myself.

This work takes great courage and commitment, and can be quite daunting if not downright terrifying. Learning that within the core of our being exists everything we need to be healed, whole and complete can be a long and frightening journey indeed … but …. I’ve been there and back. I will help you, I will support you, I will guide you, and together you can discover a renewed sense of self-worth, of purpose, and inner strength. A happy and fulfilled life is indeed a worthwhile pursuit – don’t you agree?

60 – 90 minute sessions are available remotely via conference call, FaceTime, Zoom, or any other video chat platform. The road to healing, wholeness and well-being has many paths and each person is unique – I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, life goals and will be there to guide and encourage you every step of the way on a delightful journey toward wellness through the union of body & mind, heart & soul.

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Couples Happiness Coaching

I offer couples a variety of coaching options. If you are looking for an alternative to “marriage counseling” that is non-religious, practical, and straightforward,  my approach is designed to help you clear the air between you, release emotional baggage from the past, develop active listening skills, speak your truth from the heart with the intention to re-create a strong foundation for your relationship that will bring you a lifetime of happiness, whether you’re just starting your married life or have been together for years. Together we will design a program to meet your specific needs. Often sessions include some form of energetic clearing.   All sessions are currently offered over the phone, FaceTime or Zoom.

Marriage Coaching is a Sacred Celebration

What I do is more of marriage coaching – rather than counseling.  Having experienced marriage for a total of 36 years (12 the first time, 24 thus far the second), I have a great deal of “life hindsight” on what it takes to have a fulfilling, happy and especially real marriage that can last during life changes.  In our sessions, we will talk about communication with emphasis on the more positive ways of doing so; household responsibilities and learning to live together.  In a nutshell – we will explore the reality of life – it’s challenges, rewards & what you want from it; how to work through the tough stuff and its causes; the truth about children – how they can enhance and hinder your relationship, issues around blending families; compassionate decision making – what to do when you don’t agree –  issues of intimacy, loss, expectations, goals and generally how to work together in supportive ways to fulfill your hopes and dreams, as individuals & as a couple. 

Goals – one year, 5 year, 10 year, life – as individuals, as a couple and what is needed or “expected” from one another to support them and their achievement.

I also offer my clients (upon request) Integrative and spiritual energy healing that can help release out worn thought, behavior, and emotional energy patterns that keep us from gracefully moving forward in life.  This can be done both in person & from a distance.

You will have “homework” between sessions that will help you discover your own and each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and ways to work with them to create a balanced & happy life that work for you.  It is expected you do them – this is doing your part.  

Our meetings can be over the phone, Zoom & in person when the easing of the pandemic makes it possible.   

I am flexible on the topics you choose.  Here is a list and description of the most common.  We will design the program to meet your needs and created a roadmap leading you into a lifetime of happiness.

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