Wedding Vase Ceremony

The Wedding Vase, as told by the Southwest Hopi & Pueblo Nations, symbolizes the common source of life, which comes from the earth. The two spouts represent two people, now coming together, still as individuals but sharing one life. The looped handle represents the unity achieved in marriage, and the space created within represents the circle of life. The vessel represents the sharing of a common life.

I will pour pure clean water, the very essence of life, for this couple so that they will never thirst for love or life. Groom, pass the vase to Bride so she may drink from her spout.  Bride, pass the vase to Groom so he may drink from his spout. 

Beloveds, drink together. As you share this one drink from two spouts, so may each of you share contentment, comfort and happiness from the common cup of your marriage.  May you find life’s joys great, its bitterness sweetened and your lives enriched by your companionship and love while living in harmony with the earth.