Stone Blessing Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen, you may be wondering why you have been holding a stone in your hand during this ceremony. These stones you are now holding in your hands have been chosen by this couple as symbols of your individual blessings to them and the beautiful family they are creating. The stones will serve as a lasting reminder of the magic and love they share today.

Before you met, your lives were on different paths with different destinations. But love has brought you together and joined your separate paths into one.

Each one of your friends and family here today have been given a small polished stone, that represents their unique individuality and their loving presence at your wedding today.

I will now ask that everyone please connect visually with the stone you have been given.   As you hold your blessing stone let each of you in our own way, reflect upon your best wishes to this couple for love, happiness and success. Take a deep breath in, pause for a moment and exhale your blessings for happiness and good will for Bride and Groom into the stone. 

Following the ceremony, the Newlyweds invite you to place the stone into the Vase with your personal blessing for them. As the stones are combined with love into one container, so now are your friends and family joined, through you, into one. And your once solitary life’s paths are also now one. All that was once separate is now shared, and in this sharing you both will find new strength and joy as together you forge a new life’s path and destination.