Celebrating Love

Be it weddings, memorials, or baby blessings, ceremonies hold an extremely important place in our lives.  They mark life’s essential moments, create a sense of unity and belonging, reflect our beliefs, hopes, traditions, culture and spirituality … and because of this, they must reflect and express who we are. 

Ceremony is about our conscious interaction with all things.  When we consciously come together in ceremony we come into deep reverence, connection and one-ness with all that is, with others and especially with ourselves. We realize the truth that there is no separation. Everything is part of us and we are a part of everything.  Here at Sacred Celebrations, we believe everything is ceremony, that life itself is ceremony. 

Ceremonies set aside a time and place for communicating.  It is in the ceremony that we declare our intentions, make compacts, recognize and celebrate achievements, establish and assert identity, establish connections, declare love, pay tribute, bless new life, and express grief over that which is no more, and experience happiness, healing, and wholeness,.

Another word for ceremony is ritual.  Rituals awaken that which is eternal within us and show us how our individual lives are part of a much grander design. Ritual has its roots in religion, spiritual practices and cultural traditions.  Many of life’s fundamental passages are often traditionally accompanied by religious ritual. But life’s great passages are, by nature, spiritual. They affirm human mystery and mutability, our connection with the universal life force.  However, one does not need to be “religious” to engage in meaningful ceremony.  

While the ongoing creation and performance of ceremony prepares us for the next stages of life, the successive and cumulative practice of rituals over time has the power to ultimately transform us.  They bring joyful memories and experiences as well as deep healing to our brokenness by bringing unity to heart, mind, body and soul 

Sacred Celebrations is devoted to the healing arts through the creation of personally meaningful ceremonies and rituals to restore health and well-being and to mark your major life transitions.  We offer personalized Wedding & Vow Renewal, Baby Blessing, End of Life, and a variety of traditional healing ceremonies.    

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