“I visited Brenda several times this past summer and once with my husband. I just wanted to write you to thank you for your help last year. Your healing spirit, guidance regarding nutrition, and listening did so much for me. I gained so much knowledge from you about what to eat to help my body and how that affects my mental health. (Avoiding gluten and eating for my blood type changed my entire eating habits for the better!) You helped me work through some very painful moments in my life, and taught me ways to cope, deal, and accept stress in my life. 

I can’t thank you enough for what you did. I truly feel closer to who I am than I ever have, and I have to thank you for you helping me achieve that. You are a wonderful spirit, a truly gifted healer, and I am forever grateful for our time together. In the future should I feel the need for your guidance again, I will reach out without hesitation and likewise continue to recommend you to those seeking help. I can’t thank you enough and wish you nothing but the best.”      – Jayne H.

“My reiki sessions with Brenda Berry allowed me to open myself and acknowledge the past shame and guilt that I carried within side of me. During these sessions with her she was able to take me back to those experiences to face them and find that I had not forgiven myself.  Letting go of those past shames helped me release the anger I used as a coping device not to be hurt by those I loved.  I also was and am able to say and truly believe that “I am love”, that I have a voice and that I matter. That I have a greater purpose in this life. 

Today when life’s struggles get to me I don’t respond as I have for more than 40 years. I step back, examine what is the cause, how my spirit and body is responding and breathe, concentrating on the part of my body that is being affected and work through it, without becoming angry or defensive or shutting down. I have a new motto about the fears I had for most of my life. FEAR now means Feeling Excited And Ready …”   Debbie G.

“Brenda is absolutely amazing.  I highly recommend her services. I have been going to her for years.  Couldn’t live without her!”  Tammy B.

“Brenda’s healing presence is gentle yet fierce. Her various trainings and years of experience let her hone in intuitively on where there may be energetic imbalances and she joyously and lovingly brings her gifts to those areas so they return to more optimal flow. She often plays calming music and whether you are sensitive to the energy shifts happening during the session or not, you will likely fall into a deeply relaxing state. I highly recommend her based on my experiences receiving periodic whole-system tune ups”. Kate P.

Thank you so much Brenda. You have a gift at taking the etheric and making it approachable and feel more concrete. Many blessings!” –  Josh W. 

“The Holy Fire® Master class went way beyond my expectations! Brenda Berry is truly an enlightened being on this planet and a beneficial presence. I could tell she spent a great of time preparing her lesson plans. The online class was a whole new experience, very powerful and beautifully presented. I highly recommend Brenda as the best Reiki teacher out there. She is gifted, insightful, compassionate and really listens – not only with her ears, but especially with her heart.” -M. Rogers

Thank for another amazing session! We really look forward to our work together. I am convinced that it has really helped keep us both sane during this truly strange year. We’re so glad you came into our lives, what a gift! Thank you so much!” – Carol & Doug