Meet John Berry

John Berry, Poet, Reiki Master, Wedding Celebrant

It was always poetry for John. From a very young age he was drawn to writing poetry as though it was the most natural thing in the world to relate his experience of the world in this way. Even during the years when the preoccupations of adulthood overshadowed his love of writing, and engaging with poetry, it was still there, waiting for the day to come forward again.

When poetry did come back, in the astonishing way our passions often do, it came back not only written on the page, but also in his voice. Suddenly, for John, there was more than just the writing of his own and the reading of others, there was a new spaciousness he never imagined to be found in the spoken word.

First it was attending readings, and speaking his poems aloud. Then it was hosting his own open-mics, and not long after, the opportunity to host a show he called The Sock Drawer Poetry Series on a local internet site. During this time, John also published two books; Wobbly Man through Red Dashboard Press, and most recently, Medicine by Foothills Publishing.

Taught by his beloved, Brenda, John also received his master level training in the Holy Fire Reiki tradition, and shortly thereafter, began and completed a two year course of study in Energy Medicine through the Whitewinds/Featherstone Institute. Today, John is beginning to see clients as a Reiki/Energy Medicine practitioner as well as volunteering with Blue Ridge Hospice, offering Reiki to patients in the process of dying.

With a background in poetry and public speaking, and with the presence afforded him through energy medicine, becoming a wedding officiant was a logical, and life-affirming choice for John. And with his beloved Brenda, who comes so highly regarded and sought after as an officiant, Sacred Celebrations begins a new chapter in its service to couples.

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