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Integrative: adjective – 1. Serving or intending to unify separate things; 2. Medicine combining allopathic and complementary therapies

Energy: noun – 1. The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. 2. Vitality, vigor, life, animation, vivacity, power, drive, stamina, zeal, 3. Spirit, spiritedness, effervescence, exuberance. 4. Powerfully operative force.

Medicine: noun – 1. The art and science dealing with the maintenance of health.

Healing: verb -1.To cause (a wound, injury, or a person) to become sound or healthy again. 2. Alleviate a person’s distress or anguish 3. Correct or put right an undesirable situation 4. Become sound or healthy again.

Science has shown that human beings have an energy field extending 4 – 5 feet from the physical body – much like that of the Earth’s magnetic field. Like the Earth’s field, the human energy field is electro-magnetic in nature and serves to holistically support our wholeness and well being on all levels – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I practice and teach several forms of Integrative Energy Medicine, one of them is Reiki

During the course of our life, beginning before birth, we human beings experience trauma on all levels – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. These traumas include events such as falls, accidents that break and bruise our bodies, and at time requiring surgery to put us back together again. These are physical traumas and are easily recognized and treated with modern medical procedures, bandages, or kisses.

Other types of traumas that we often recognize, but often do little about are emotional traumas – grief due to loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, unmet needs from childhood which have been carried into adulthood, feelings of worthlessness, and fears which hold us in a pattern of disconnection and separation, promoting difficulty in feeling love, compassion and kindness – not only for others, but from others, for and from ourselves.

Mental traumas caused by stress in the workplace, by circular thought patterns which trigger strong emotions ( and vice versa), educational demands, and of course – aging.

Spiritual traumas are those that break our spirit, creating a sense of separateness, of disconnection with the soul, a loss of faith in a Higher Power, a lack of trust that all we need will be provided, especially that which nurtures us, comforts us, and promotes the development our highest and best good.

These traumas create distortions and imbalances in the human energy field, effecting our physical bodies in many unpleasant and often devastating ways. It is believed that these distortions and imbalances are the cause of dis-ease: cancer, heart problems, migraines, depression, back pain (and others) which is unresponsive to medication and treatment, to name a very few.

By bringing awareness to what is so, staying actively present to body felt sensations and any emotions which may arise, deep healing is experienced.

Integrative Energetic Healing can holistically correct these imbalances and distortions by bringing awareness to the underlying trauma, releasing the holding pattern (often emotional or mental in nature), freeing the spirit to return to a more authentic way of being; unifying the human energy field and promoting deep healing on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Integrative Energetic Healing Can Contribute to Your Wellbeing by:
Alleviating Pain and Nausea
Reducing Anxiety
Enhancing Immune Funtion
Reducing Blood Pressure
Regulating Heartbeat & Respiration
Improving Circulation
Promoting Movement and Physical Rehab
Providing Headache Relief & Muscle Tension Release
Fatigue Recuperation
Promoting Stress Reduction and Deep Relaxation
Improving Sleep Quality
Raising Levels of Energy & Vitality
Opening Channels of Communication & Self Expression
Enhancing Mental Focus, Alertness & Clarity
Providing an Outlet for Emotions
Promoting Spiritual and Emotional Healing
Creating Feelings of Peace, Security, Centered in Optimism

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