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Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School – Teachings of the Sacred Feminine

An Invitation to Remember and Reconnect

From the beginning of time, women have been the creators, the healers, the wisdom-keepers attuned to the rhythm of life’s cycles. Long ago, the blood mysteries of our lives – menstruation, birth, and menopause – were honored and celebrated as transitions that heralded the development of new powers, gifts, and wisdom in a woman’s life. For many of us, the influence of a patriarchal world has wiped away the memory of women’s wisdom. The sacred nature and power of the blood mysteries have been replaced with feelings of shame and guilt. Perhaps most tragically, we women have been stripped of our identity as daughters of the Divine Mother, and denied our rightful connection to the Goddess.

Today we live in a world out of balance, a world defined and shaped by the heavy hand of patriarchy. As women, we often live out our lives haunted by a vague restlessness for a truth we may not even understand. Isolated by a society that encourages individualism, and taught that we must compete for the attention of men, we often distrust other women or are afraid to reach out for community. The sisterhood that once nurtured and honored women’s contributions has nearly been eradicated by patriarchy. Yet it is in Circle with other women where we come alive and begin to reconnect with our beautiful, wise, and powerful essential selves. In sisterhood we find the strength to claim our birthright as daughters, priestesses, and ambassadors of the Divine Feminine. In sisterhood we inspire our creativity, awaken our courage, and dive deep into the ancient blood mysteries that are part of every woman’s essential nature.

Our earth is in a state of crisis, and now more than ever, the world cries out for balance, for healing, for the medicine of the Divine Feminine. If you have felt the yearning in your soul for sisterhood, if your soul is tired of roles and masks that make your life feel half-lived, if you are ready to step into your power as a woman, we invite you to join us on a nine-month journey of remembrance, connection, and transformation. As the Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School, we will explore the 13 women’s archetypes as described in “The Circle of Life.”

Each month’s gathering will feature a different theme, with discussions, craftwork, meditations, song, and community activities designed to help us awaken to the power of each archetype. We will explore each of the 13 archetypes and the ways they manifest throughout our lives, focusing on activities to empower and connect each woman with the Divine Feminine wisdom that exists within each one of us.

Regardless of where you are in your life, the Tribe of the Ancient Women Mystery School is a journey that will deepen your understanding of the blood mysteries, help you create ceremonies and sacred celebrations to honor the phases of your life, and reconnect you with the sacred gifts of intuition, healing, and creativity that our world so desperately needs.

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